5 Signs of Gingivitis

Gingivitis—also called gum inflammation or periodontal disease—is a chronic inflammatory disease triggered by bacterial growth in the mouth. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to complications like gum damage and tooth and bone loss. Incredibly, this common oral health condition affects nearly half of all American adults!

At Woodlane Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, it’s our mission to educate our patients about this common issue, especially since many people don’t even realize they have it or are at risk for it. Keep reading to learn about the top five warning signs and symptoms to look out for.

5 Warning Signs of Gingivitis

Many of the signs and symptoms of gingivitis can be caused by other oral health conditions, too. In the early stages of gingivitis, you may not even have any noticeable signs and symptoms—even though gum and tooth damage can still be happening. So, the only way to know for sure what’s causing your symptoms is to consult with a dentist.

Here are five common gingivitis signs to be aware of:

  1. Receding gums (teeth may start to appear longer)
  2. Frequent bad breath (halitosis)
  3. Tender and soft gums
  4. Gums that bleed when you brush or floss
  5. Gums that are bright red or purple

How Our Woodbury Dentist Team Diagnoses and Treats Gingivitis

Our Woodbury dentist team has the technology and techniques needed to detect gingivitis in its earliest stages—even when you don’t have any noticeable symptoms. We may use dental exam tools and tests like X-rays to help us diagnose your condition. Treatment will then depend on things like the severity of your gum disease and your overall health needs, but may include:

  • Professional cleaning or “scaling” (scraping away bacteria-loaded plaque and tartar from the teeth)
  • Lifestyle changes to promote better oral health (e.g., adoption of a healthier diet, smoking cessation)
  • In advanced cases, procedures to remove infected or damaged teeth and bone may be required

Of course, as with most things in health and wellness, prevention is easier and less costly than treatment! That’s why regular dental visits and professional cleanings are so crucial, as well as excellent oral hygiene habits in-between visits.

If you’re concerned about gingivitis, contact our Woodbury dentist team today at (651) 731-1560 to schedule a dental examination and cleaning.

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