What Age is Too Young For Dental Veneers? 

Adults aren’t the only ones who sometimes feel bad about the way their smile looks. Young adults and even teens and pre-teens can exhibit confidence issues around the appearance of their teeth. The current social media platform environment can exacerbate these issues or even create problems where they don’t exist. If your son or daughter is asking about dental veneers, you are probably wondering what age is too young for dental veneers.

What Age is Too Young?

Ifdental veneers in Woodbury, MN are a serious consideration, remember that this is a permanent treatment. There’s no going back later and removing the veneers. With dental veneers, the surface of the natural tooth is “shaved” down in order to accept the veneer. This permanently alters the natural tooth. Age is not the real issue as far as when is too soon. The person must:

  • Be mature enough to understand the permanence of dental veneers
  • Not have underlying emotional issues that are driving the request
  • Be mature enough to take care of the veneers
  • Have all of their adult teeth in
  • Not have serious underlying oral health problems

Is There Truly a Problem?

The impossible beauty standards that are pushed on social media can make a youngster feel like their smile is inadequate. In fact, most of the “beautiful” images on these platforms are airbrushed and manipulated in a way that isn’t real. Your youngster may feel they don’t measure up, when in fact their teeth are perfectly fine. Consult with yourfamily dentist in Woodbury, MN for an honest assessment before considering cosmetic dentistry.

Other Options May be Better

Bear in mind that there are many options for actual tooth issues that your youngster may have. Simple solutions such as professional teeth whitening, teeth bonding or even cleaner braces treatment for teeth straightening may be better. These solutions may solve the problem of your youngster’s lack of confidence in their appearance.

Have your son or daughter come in tospeak with one of our dentistswith you. The best decision is an informed one that involves all parties involved, including the parent or guardian when the patient is a minor.

Get the Smile You Want with a Dental Veneer

Do you hesitate to smile because you have a small gap between your front teeth? Even if you have perfectly aligned teeth, you could have a chip or a crack in one of your front-facing teeth or a discolored tooth that makes you feel self-conscious. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your smile, dental veneers in Woodbury, Minnesota are a simple and permanent solution.

What Are Dental Veneers?

A veneer is an extremely thin piece of porcelain that Dr. Erlandson or Dr. Roehrich attaches to your tooth using dental cement and a curing light. The veneer is similar in color and texture to your natural teeth to ensure that it blends in seamlessly without anyone noticing. Veneers are a popular choice in cosmetic dentistry for people who just want to treat one small area and do not necessarily need a total smile makeover.

What to Expect When Getting a Veneer at Woodlane Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

To prevent your treated tooth from protruding further than your other teeth, your dentist will need to shave off a small amount of tooth enamel before attaching the veneer. The amount is typically less than one-eighth of a centimeter.

Once your dentist feels satisfied that he has enough room to place the veneer, the next step is to apply the dental cement that allows it to stick to the front of your tooth indefinitely. Next, he shines a curing light onto the tooth to force the dental cement to harden. The final step is to trim any loose cement on your tooth. You are now ready to show your beautiful new smile to the world.

Caring for Your New Dental Veneer

You need to be careful with your new veneer just as you would any dental restoration. Specifically, you should avoid biting into hard foods with your treated tooth and never use it for anything but eating. Keep in mind that most dental veneers last about 10 years before they require replacement. You will always need to have a veneer on the treated tooth due to the removal of tooth enamel.

Are you ready to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services in Woodbury? Please schedule an appointment with our dental practice today.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix a Missing Tooth?

Many people with a missing tooth aren’t proud of their smile. The reality is that missing teeth can cause serious social problems. If you have a missing tooth, you may feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Maybe you’re scared to smile at a party or perhaps you always prefer to eat alone. Like many people with this dental problem, you probably want to know how cosmetic surgery can fix a missing tooth? Here are the many ways that a cosmetic dentist in Woodbury, MN can fix a missing tooth.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a great, long-lasting option for people who have a missing tooth because it looks and functions like a regular tooth. An experienced surgeon will insert the replacement tooth into the jawbone. You will love that dental implants are natural and comfortable. The most popular dental implants are mini/midi implants and standard dental implants. A dental implant is truly the most recommended and reliable option.

Fixed Dental Bridge

Many dentists also recommend fixed dental bridges for people who have one or more missing teeth. While there are four main types of dental bridges, the traditional bridge is the most common. If you have healthy teeth on both sides of the gap, a traditional bridge could be a great solution. A dentist may also suggest a cantilever dental bridge, an implant-supported dental bridge or one of a variety of other dental bridge options to fix your missing tooth situation.

Partial & Complete Denture

Depending on how many teeth you have missing, a partial or complete denture could be a great option. A partial denture can replace a few missing teeth, whereas a complete denture can replace several missing teeth. These two types of dentures give the appearance of natural teeth. If you opt for a partial or complete denture, it may take some time to get used to your new teeth.

Contact our dentist’s office today if you’re missing some teeth and you’re ready to have the smile of your dreams. Our extremely friendly and professional cosmetic dentist in Woodbury, MN is always eager to answer any questions that you may have. After getting one of our cosmetic dentistry services for missing teeth, we are positive that you’ll feel more confident. We can’t wait to work with you soon.

Is It Too Late to Save my Smile?

It’s never too late to save your smile. Your dentist in Woodbury, MN has a range of options to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth. Even a lifetime of neglect is fixable with the right dental care. Schedule an appointment today to find out what can be done to restore your smile to its intended brilliance.

Simple Options for Smile Repair

Smile repair options range from easy to complex, depending upon the shape and appearance of your teeth, jaw, and gums. Some procedures are more simple and others. They include the following.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth and oral health are in relatively good condition, a simple tooth whitening might be all that’s needed to bring back the sparkle. Teeth Whitening uses bleach such as hydrogen peroxide to remove yellow stains from the enamel. As a result, your teeth look whiter and brighter than before.

You may need to have your teeth whitened if you drink a lot of beverages such as coffee, tea, or wine, that stain teeth over time.


A second simple option for smile repair uses veneers, or thin shells of porcelain or composite to fix a range of unsightly tooth issues, including:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Decay
  • Stains
  • Gaps

Veneers simply fit over existing damaged teeth, making them appear new again. Before fitting your new veneers, your dentist will shave down a portion of your natural tooth to allow the veneer to fit as it should.

Braces or Aligners

Braces and aligners help to straighten teeth that are crooked or unevenly spaced. They make your teeth appear more even and perfectly straight. They also eliminate unsightly gaps. Braces are typically made from metal and attach to your teeth with ceramic or metal brackets, which are then tightened periodically to move teeth into the desired position.

Aligners, alternately, are clear plastic trays that fit over your teeth. They’re less visible and do just as good a job as braces at moving teeth into position. Aligners are switched out periodically, and new trays are fitted into place. Aligners can be removed at night for sleeping and through the day for eating and cleaning.

Other procedures such as dental implants, dentures, crowns, and fillings will help to improve the appearance of your teeth, too. They also help to alleviate pain from toothaches to prevent decay and bone loss. If you’re interested in discussing your goals for smile repair with your dentist in Woodbury, MN, call Woodlane Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule an appointment today.

What Causes Teeth to Crack? An FAQ

A cracked tooth can be a problem, depending on how badly the tooth is cracked. Knowing the symptoms of a cracked tooth, what causes teeth to crack and how you can avoid cracking a tooth can help you take care of your dental health. Here’s what you need to know.

What causes teeth to crack?

Teeth generally crack when they’re put under pressure, often when the tooth is ground against something very hard. A person can crack a tooth when biting down on a piece of candy. Other times it may happen due to an impact with something hard.

Some people develop cracked teeth because they grind their teeth at night. If you grind your teeth, speak to your dentist and get a mouthguard.

What can you do to avoid cracking your teeth?

You can avoid cracking a tooth by avoiding the following:

  • Don’t bite down on hard candy. Suck it instead!
  • Don’t use your teeth to tear open packages.
  • Never use your teeth as “scissors” to cut off tags.

Wear your mouthguard if you do grind your teeth.

How can you tell if you grind your teeth?

Your dentist will notice the signs that you grind your teeth. Look for these symptoms:

  • Your teeth are sensitive
  • The enamel is worn down
  • Your cheek is damaged on the inside (from chewing)
  • Your face or neck hurt
  • Your headaches at the temples

If you sleep with a partner, they may notice you grinding your teeth as well.

How can you tell if your tooth is cracked?

There are many different symptoms you may experience if your tooth is cracked including:

  • Pain when chewing
  • Sudden sensitivity to sweetness, heat or cold
  • Discomfort in the teeth and gums

If your tooth is cracked, what should you do?

If you believe your tooth might be cracked, or if you’re having a pain in the teeth that you can’t quite determine where the pain comes from, contact a dental professional as soon as possible.

Concern Your Tooth Might Be Cracked? Contact Us

At Woodlane Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we help patients manage dental problems like cracked teeth, emergency exams, tooth extractions and more. Make an appointment to address your dental problem today.

How to Prepare For Cosmetic Dentistry  

Just like any other dental treatment, you should prepare for cosmetic dentistry ahead of time. This may involve a consultation with your dentist in Woodbury, as well as things you can do at home.

Know What to Expect

Cosmetic dentistry can be truly transformative. It can make you confident and eager to smile as often as possible. But in some cases, more than one treatment may be needed to get your smile just the way you want it. If you have multiple dental issues, your dentist in Woodbury, MN may not be able to treat every single one of those dental issues in one visit. The first way to prepare for cosmetic dentistry is to manage your expectations so that you fully understand how much progress you might see after each stage of treatment.

Maintain Physical Health

Many cosmetic dentistry treatments don’t require anesthesia, although you might choose sedation dentistry. Still, it can be very personally reassuring to know that you are overall healthy when you have cosmetic dentistry. In the days and weeks before your treatment, maintain your physical health by exercising and eating right. Try to avoid stress and consider abstaining from smoking and drinking. The better you feel, physically, the more comfortable you’ll be while undergoing your cosmetic dentistry.

Plan For Recovery Time

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures will have you back to doing what you love in no time. For instance, teeth whitening can be scheduled during your work lunch hour. Other cosmetic dentistry procedures involve extended recovery time, such as dental implants. Before you have your cosmetic dentistry treatment, plan your work, family, and social calendars accordingly. One thing you may need is a friend or family member to drive you home after your treatment. Figure out for how many days you might need time off work or household help. Consider hiring a cleaning service or collecting take-out meal menus. This way, you won’t feel burdened and can recover in peace knowing that everything is still being taken care of.

Finally, know that your Woodbury dentist team will do everything possible to help you before, during, and after your cosmetic dentistry treatment. For more information about your options or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.


Ways to Retain Your Professional Teeth Whitening Results

After having your teeth professionally whitened, you are tasked with keeping them sparkling white and healthy through proper daily care. Your efforts can go a long way in retaining your results, ensuring you can enjoy your dazzling smile for years to come.

As you provide excellent care to your teeth, you won’t just protect their amazing appearance either — their health will improve as well. Here’s how to give your teeth all the love they deserve and retain your professional teeth whitening results.

Always Use a Straw

To keep your teeth bright and white, you should skip the coffee and soda altogether. Since that is much easier said than done, there is a workaround: Straws.

By drinking all beverages through a straw, you can keep the pigments from staining your teeth. With straws, you also protect your tooth enamel from contact with acidic compounds that can cause damage over time.

The exception to this rule is water. You should drink water without a straw to wash away debris and cleanse your teeth throughout the day.

Increase Your Water Intake

By bumping up your water intake, you can wash your teeth clean throughout the day, minimizing the impact of deeply-pigmented food and beverages. Increasing your water intake also boosts the production of saliva, which also continually cleanses the surface of your teeth.

So, boost your water intake to 64 ounces or more a day to actively retain your professional teeth whitening results. If you live in an area with fluoridated water, remember to fill up at the tap for the greatest benefits. You can also buy bottled water treated with fluoride to help keep your teeth beautiful, healthy, and strong.

Properly Care for Your Teeth

All the water in the world cannot make up for improper tooth care. You must commit to brushing and flossing for at least two minutes a day, twice a day. Consider using a strong mouthwash after each brushing session to clear away the remaining food particles and help keep your teeth white. You should also always remember to schedule your twice-yearly professional teeth cleaning appointments at your trusted dentist’s office.

When you take the time to care for your teeth and ensure they are protected from stains, you can retain your professional teeth whitening results for longer than you ever expected. You can also schedule follow-up whitening appointments if your teeth develop any stains. To do so, just give our team at Woodlane Family & Cosmetic Dentistry a call at 651-731-1560 to find a convenient time to visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Having a nice bright smile is so important. When you smile, it lights up your whole face, and the world smiles back at you.

If you feel self-conscious about the way your teeth, gums, or bite look, you may try to hide them by smiling less often. […]