A Look at the 3 Most Common Types of Cavities

Got a cavity? If so, you are definitely not alone. This is one of the biggest reasons people have to visit a dentist for treatment outside of typical dental hygiene visits and checkups. While a cavity may be easy to recognize, you may not know that there are actually three major types of cavities. Each type can have bearing on how the dental filling treatment in Woodbury proceeds.

Smooth-Surface Cavities

Smooth-surface cavities develop on the enameled surface of a tooth, usually on a flat area. These cavities do develop relatively slowly, but they also need to be treated promptly to preserve the integrity of the tooth and prevent further deterioration. A smooth-surface cavity is considered to be the earliest stage of decay, so a standard filling and possibly even demineralization treatments may be recommended to help eradicate the problem.

Pit and Fissure Cavities

Pit and fissure cavities show up in the pits and crevices that are a natural part of the tooth. For example, if you look at one of the larger molars in your jaw, the tooth will have a deep ridge that runs through the center. A pit or fissure cavity is seated right along the low points in your tooth, which means it can be more likely to lead to extensive decay. These cavities may or may not reach into the dentin of the tooth, so getting a filling as soon as possible is important.

Root Cavities

Root cavities are some of the most severe types of cavities. These points of decay are more common among older adults but can happen to a younger person who develops a cavity and never has that cavity properly treated. Root cavities may require n extraction, but they may also be treated via a root canal if the dentist feels the tooth is salvageable in spite of the internal damage.

Need a Cavity Filled by a Woodbury Dentist?

Even the smallest cavity can mean a tooth is at risk of greater decay. Therefore, it is important that you speak with a Woodbury dentist for treatment right away for treatment. If you need an appointment, reach out to us at Woodlane Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Summer Is Almost Here! 5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy this Season

Summer is a time of year that presents its own unique oral hygiene challenges. Knowing how to take care of your teeth in summer can help you avoid stains and even a broken tooth! Whether you’re playing football in the yard or going to barbecues with friends, these tips can help you take care of your teeth. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily

Summer is a time when the kids are home from school, camping trips are scheduled, sleepovers happen – all outside the normal everyday routines. For some children, this means forgetting to brush their teeth. Keep up your everyday habit of brushing your teeth twice per day, and if you have a child, remind them to keep up with their normal toothbrushing habit as well.

2. Know Which Summer Foods Stain

Some summer foods can cause stains on teeth. These foods include berries, sodas, iced coffees, red wine and barbecue sauce. Knowing which summer foods are likely to stain your teeth can help you protect your pearly whites.

After eating staining food, swish with water to help clean your teeth. If you have time to brush your teeth – go do it! Knowing which foods stain can help you avoid stains. If your teeth do get stained, ask your dentist about tooth whitening services.

3. Bring Floss to Barbecues

What barbecue would be complete without corn on the cob? Bring floss to your next barbecue, and after eating corn on the cob, excuse yourself to the bathroom, where you can floss and get rid of the corn pieces that might be stuck between your teeth.

4. Make Summer Your Season for Getting a Checkup

Summer is a great time to get a checkup with the dentist! Make this the time of year when you go see the dentist and get your teeth cleaned.

5. Wear a Mouthguard When Playing High Contact Games Outside

Is this a time of year when you play high contact games or engage in activities like skateboarding? Wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth from falls that could lead to a broken tooth.

Serious About Oral Hygiene? Call Today

This is a great time of year to see your dentist in Woodbury, MN. Call today to make an appointment!

Ways to Retain Your Professional Teeth Whitening Results

After having your teeth professionally whitened, you are tasked with keeping them sparkling white and healthy through proper daily care. Your efforts can go a long way in retaining your results, ensuring you can enjoy your dazzling smile for years to come.

As you provide excellent care to your teeth, you won’t just protect their amazing appearance either — their health will improve as well. Here’s how to give your teeth all the love they deserve and retain your professional teeth whitening results.

Always Use a Straw

To keep your teeth bright and white, you should skip the coffee and soda altogether. Since that is much easier said than done, there is a workaround: Straws.

By drinking all beverages through a straw, you can keep the pigments from staining your teeth. With straws, you also protect your tooth enamel from contact with acidic compounds that can cause damage over time.

The exception to this rule is water. You should drink water without a straw to wash away debris and cleanse your teeth throughout the day.

Increase Your Water Intake

By bumping up your water intake, you can wash your teeth clean throughout the day, minimizing the impact of deeply-pigmented food and beverages. Increasing your water intake also boosts the production of saliva, which also continually cleanses the surface of your teeth.

So, boost your water intake to 64 ounces or more a day to actively retain your professional teeth whitening results. If you live in an area with fluoridated water, remember to fill up at the tap for the greatest benefits. You can also buy bottled water treated with fluoride to help keep your teeth beautiful, healthy, and strong.

Properly Care for Your Teeth

All the water in the world cannot make up for improper tooth care. You must commit to brushing and flossing for at least two minutes a day, twice a day. Consider using a strong mouthwash after each brushing session to clear away the remaining food particles and help keep your teeth white. You should also always remember to schedule your twice-yearly professional teeth cleaning appointments at your trusted dentist’s office.

When you take the time to care for your teeth and ensure they are protected from stains, you can retain your professional teeth whitening results for longer than you ever expected. You can also schedule follow-up whitening appointments if your teeth develop any stains. To do so, just give our team at Woodlane Family & Cosmetic Dentistry a call at 651-731-1560 to find a convenient time to visit.