The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Flossing   

Do you floss every day? If so, you might have some lingering flossing questions for your dentist in Woodbury, MN. Here are the most frequently asked questions about flossing.

How often should I floss my teeth?

Flossing helps remove substances from between your teeth. It’s best to floss your teeth once a day. You don’t want to floss too much though, because over-flossing can damage your gums.

Should I brush first or floss first?

Most dentists recommend you floss before brushing your teeth. Flossing first will help break up the plaque between your teeth so your toothbrush can remove it. Additionally, flossing before you brush results in better fluoride retention between your teeth.

Are there any alternatives to flossing?

There are several alternatives to flossing; however, always talk with your dentist before making any changes to your dental routine. Here are the most common alternatives to flossing.

  • Interdental brushes
  • Water flossing
  • Dental pick
  • Pre-threaded floss
  • Soft-Picks by GUM®

Can flossing add years to my life?

Yes, flossing can add years to your life. This is because flossing helps prevent gum disease and it helps prevent heart disease. Therefore, helping to prevent both of these issues is what can add years to your life. That’s why it’s so important to schedule regular dental cleanings in Woodbury, MN if you want to maintain your oral health and your overall health.

Is it possible to floss too deeply?

Yes, it is. Flossing too hard or too deeply can cause damage to your gum tissues and the enamel of your teeth. When you floss too deeply, the floss goes below the gum line, which can cause bleeding, gum recession, and gum disease.

What is the best time of day to floss?

Most dentists recommend you floss at night before you go to bed and before you brush. This will prevent food particles from staying lodged in your teeth overnight. And by not allowing food particles to fester in your teeth overnight will also help prevent damaging bacteria from causing dental issues.

What’s Next?

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