What Age is Too Young For Dental Veneers? 

Adults aren’t the only ones who sometimes feel bad about the way their smile looks. Young adults and even teens and pre-teens can exhibit confidence issues around the appearance of their teeth. The current social media platform environment can exacerbate these issues or even create problems where they don’t exist. If your son or daughter is asking about dental veneers, you are probably wondering what age is too young for dental veneers.

What Age is Too Young?

Ifdental veneers in Woodbury, MN are a serious consideration, remember that this is a permanent treatment. There’s no going back later and removing the veneers. With dental veneers, the surface of the natural tooth is “shaved” down in order to accept the veneer. This permanently alters the natural tooth. Age is not the real issue as far as when is too soon. The person must:

  • Be mature enough to understand the permanence of dental veneers
  • Not have underlying emotional issues that are driving the request
  • Be mature enough to take care of the veneers
  • Have all of their adult teeth in
  • Not have serious underlying oral health problems

Is There Truly a Problem?

The impossible beauty standards that are pushed on social media can make a youngster feel like their smile is inadequate. In fact, most of the “beautiful” images on these platforms are airbrushed and manipulated in a way that isn’t real. Your youngster may feel they don’t measure up, when in fact their teeth are perfectly fine. Consult with yourfamily dentist in Woodbury, MN for an honest assessment before considering cosmetic dentistry.

Other Options May be Better

Bear in mind that there are many options for actual tooth issues that your youngster may have. Simple solutions such as professional teeth whitening, teeth bonding or even cleaner braces treatment for teeth straightening may be better. These solutions may solve the problem of your youngster’s lack of confidence in their appearance.

Have your son or daughter come in tospeak with one of our dentistswith you. The best decision is an informed one that involves all parties involved, including the parent or guardian when the patient is a minor.

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